Friday, August 3, 2012

NOTW: Girly Pink Nail Art!

Hello and happy Friday!!

Today I am excited to show you some nail art. There were a lot of steps involved and a lot of dry time, so I did this over the course of two days. First I applied my go-to basecoat (Sinful Colors Nail Hardening Base) and two coats of OPI Bubble Bath, a very light pink. I followed that up with a coat of Seche Vite, so it would dry sometime this year. Once I was sure it was really, really dry and wouldn't be marred, I worked on one nail at a time using scotch tape to cover up part of the Bubble Bath and painting a generous coat of Zoya Shelby, a bubble-gum pink, over the entire nail (tape and all). I immediately removed the tape so the lines would be clean (I did have some issues with the tape tearing, but a gentle-handed tweezers put it right.). Then, I did nothing... for a long time to make sure I didn't ruin it. I did bump my right hand, but the left one came through unscathed! Finally, I added another coat of top coat to protect the fresh polish (I think I used NYC's topcoat).

I waited until the next evening to stamp the houndstooth pattern on--nothing worse that wrinkling not-quite-dry polish with the stamper. I used a very old and very thick bottle of Pure Ice Gossip to stamp the houndstooth pattern from Bundle Monster plate BM19. I used the same tape method to cover the parts of the nail I did not want the pattern on. At this point, I was planning to be done, but it looked unfinished. I used the pointed end of an orange stick to make three tiny dots in a triangle pattern then drug the polish between the dots to create a heart on each nail. I finished it up with another generous coat of NYC's topcoat.

Here is the result:

 Left picture is indoors, under artificial light, no flash. The right is outdoors in direct sunlight--super glossy!

 Here you can see the details and you can tell on my thumb how I drew the hearts--guess I didn't get those edges filled in all that well. It's not as noticeable in person as it is on the macro shot, but it gives you a good idea of what I was talking about up there

Indoors, artificial light, plus flash.

I thought this ended up being incredible girly and fun. Maybe it's almost too pink and girly?

Outdoors in direct sunlight.

This was my first attempt at using tape this way, and it turned out better that I was expecting. I'm suddenly flooded with ideas....

Have a great weekend! More Monday! ^_^

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