Friday, August 31, 2012

Announcing NeverWithoutPolish's Zoya Month!

Hello again so soon!!

I have a little announcement... I have declared that September is 

As it turns out, I happen to have 31 Zoyas left to swatch, and September has 31 days! So, I'm going to have a swatch post for you every day this month featuring one of Zoya's many awesome polishes!

Zoya is one of my favorite brands. They make great polishes that are free of the bad stuff, plus, they're cruelty free as well! They've got a great selection of colors and finishes. And, most importantly, they are consistently awesome in the quality department. Their formula is great, always. They're also pretty fun to interact with. Check them out on Facebook--they frequently do special offers for their fans through social networking. They've also got a referral program called "Share the Love". Details here. But, basically, if you sign up for an account through someone's Share the Love Link, you get a free bottle of polish added to your first order, and the person whose link you used to sign up gets points added to their account that can be redeemed for some pretty good coupons. For example, I have three separate "3 Zoyas for $10" coupon codes I 'spent' my Share the Love points on. It's a pretty nice incentive. I should point out that I'm not affiliated with them in any way--just a happy customer spreading some love.

Back in April, Zoya did an Earth Day promotion. It was buy one, get one polish free with an insanely high limit to the number of polishes you could get. I had just gone on a few polish buying binges, so I told myself I had to sit this awesome deal out. Even though, that effectively put each bottle at $4 a piece. I didn't trust my inner polish addict, so I resorted to handing Mr. NeverWithoutPolish my plastic with instructions to not, under any circumstances cave in and let me order. The last day of the promo came, and of course, I was making a wish list and whining to Mr. NeverWithoutPolish. He didn't budge. I wandered away from my computer for the night, and he ended up shutting it down before bed. But can you guess what he did just before? Yes, he bought every single polish on my wishlist for me! He's so awesome!! ^_^  So, Zoya Month is really his doing!

Speaking of Mr. NeverWithoutPolish, he and I are leaving on vacation for the next two weeks, but I've got blog posts ready to go, so you'll not be without while I'm away. I may not get to interacting with the blog frequently, but I'll catch up upon return. More soon!  ^_^

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