Sunday, April 19, 2015

Haul: February and March!!


I'm not super happy with my set up here, and I feel that my picture quality is a little less than what I want... maybe it's the lighting? I think it's the lighting inside, and I know it's the lack of direct sunlight shots. I think those really show the polish well, and our apartment doesn't have a good place for those kind of shots. Anyway, I'll be back more frequently once I can get my photos back up to speed. Probably not until fall or winter however -- we're currently building a house and will be moving before summer is over (hopefully)! All that will keep us pretty busy, but the new house has space for a craft/polish room! I'll post what I wear in mean time.

So first, an update and rant about the Nerdlacquer situation from the January haul. I never did get my order or hear from the seller. Since she did not respond to the PayPal dispute process either, the dispute was decided in my favor, and PayPal was able to refund the money to me. Thanks, PayPal, you rock! So... NerdLacquer... I am disappoint! I've read her previous explanations as to what happened the last time she disappeared, and what she went through was terrible. I am sorry all that happened, but at this point, it doesn't excuse you from your obligations. At the very least, you should know when you can't function enough to continue running your business. Leaving the store active with inventory you can't fulfill and just letting people send you money for orders that you won't send out is deplorable. At the least, the store should have been made inactive and the outstanding orders finished. I will find it very hard to support the brand again (but, damn, those polishes are awesome!).
****Update**** I eventually did get my order! It was sometime in late summer of 2015. It came with a note of apology, extra polish, and some cute extras as well. It was a nice surprise, and I will likely give this brand another shot. I appreciate the attempt to own up and make things right.

Here's a look at what I hauled in February and March!

A quick stop into Ulta saw me bringing home some clearance nail stickers!

Ulta loot.

And, three shimmery pretties from the China Glaze spring collection Dashboard Dreamer, Pack Lightly, and the lilac one, Wanderlust (not pictured).

China Glaze Road Trip picks.

Here is the February mystery bag from Rainbow Honey:

Rainbow Honey February 2015 Mystery Bag - mini.

Even though March was birthday month, my only polish purchase was March's mystery bag:

Rainbow Honey March 2015 Mystery Bag - mini.

More eventually! ^_^

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Stash Swatch Initiative: Rainbow Honey Petit Four


I'm still here! I wanted to show you this swatch of Rainbow Honey Petit Four, since it is part of the brand new collection, La Patisserie, that launches tonight!

Rainbow Honey Petit Four. Indoors, artificial light, no flash.

Petit Four is a cute, glitter polish with a pale yellow base. I love the glitter mix here. I see light blue, coral, and pink glitter in a variety of shapes along with a sprinkle of pink shimmer. Swatches today are one coat of Petit Four over a base of Sinful Colors Unicorn, then one coat of Seche Vite. I didn't have any problems with the application, and I thought this was the perfect glitter coverage.

Rainbow Honey Petit Four. Indoors, artificial light, no flash.

My mini bottle came in the mystery bag from May of last year, and while I haven't seen any swatches of the new collection yet, I would assume that this is the same polish. The new collection launches in just a few hours over at Rainbow Honey!

Rainbow Honey Petit Four. Indoors, artificial light, no flash.

More soo-... uhm, eventually! ^_^