Saturday, May 31, 2014

Haul: May!

Why hello there! Long time, no see, huh?

I'm baaack, and coming to you from lovely Minnesota! Our move went about as well as could be expected. Some minor things popped up including the moving truck breaking down, getting turned around in a few places, and our cats crying for nearly all of the 1100 miles... BUT we made it in one piece! And aside from my lightbox (and by 'lightbox', I mean the cardboard box I cut panels out of and glued white paper into to make a homemade lightbox) being a bit worse off, nothing got damaged, which is incredible. Our family and friends are awesome because, not only did my parents fly out to help drive us back, but everyone came to help us unload. The giant truck that took my husband and I the better part of two days to load was emptied in under an hour!
Here all of my polishes are boxed up and ready to go! Bubble wrap around everything, then into big Ziploc bags before being boxed up!
For the last month, we've been busy changing addresses, licenses, insurances, doctors, anything and everything; unpacking and settling in; and, most importantly, catching up with all the great people in our lives. I landed a job right away (phew!), so now that I've a had a few weeks to get comfortable, I think I am ready to start posting here again!

I didn't buy ANYTHING AT ALL in April! So... Onward to May's Haul!

I picked up a few glitters from China Glaze's Surprise Collection at Sally Beauty near the beginning of the month. This is Don't Be a Flake and  I'm a Go Glitter.

Then an unforeseen second stop at Sally's a few days ago had me bringing home a couple of polishes from the Offshore Collection. This is Shore Enuff and Be More Pacific. Both greens, which is weird because I generally don't like greens!

What?! I picked greens?
Also, that trip to Sally's was super fun because, since I wasn't expecting to go there, I hadn't prepared my list of Offshore pretties to pick up. I ended up looking at swatches on my phone while in the store, which drew the attention of the other shoppers... and I ended up with a crowd gathered around me checking out swatches too! So we got to talking, and I ended up 'consulting' for about a half hour. I got asked for my opinion on the best polish brand, and gave little pointers on how to make a disappointing polish work better (i.e. the tip of putting neons over a white base). It was really fun to share my enthusiasm for nail polish with others.

Finally, I subscribed to Rainbow Honey's monthly mystery bag. This is so much fun because it doesn't cost very much, and you get a happy little package full of fun things each month! May's bag came with three mini polishes, which aren't released on their own right now: Neon Blossom, Waves, and Petit Four. In addition to the polish, there is a Summer Juice scented soap (beautifully done with purple shimmer), a mini Summer Juice rollerball, Honeymint lip balm, and nail studs! I'm really enjoying all of these products, and I can't wait for June's bag to get here! I also ordered another limited edition from them too, that's a full-size All My Stars over there on the right (not included in the Mystery Bag).

Rainbow Honey <3

Hope you've all been well!

More soon! ^_^

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