Monday, August 20, 2012

Stash Swatch Initiative: Orly Androgynie

Hello again!

Orly Androgynie. Indoors, artificial light, no flash.

Today I have Orly Androgynie from last year's Holiday Soiree collection. This is a black jelly base with multiple sizes of gold glitter. I see fine gold glitter as well as some larger holographic gold glitter.

The glitter in this settles in the bottle so judicious shaking is required. I even let mine sit propped up upside down for awhile before swatching so I could maximize the number of glitters available. I also shook this in between coats because it settles very quickly. Not really a problem however--gives you something to do while that previous coat dries a bit.

Orly Androgynie. Outdoors, sunlight, no flash.

Swatches today are one coat of Sinful Colors Nail hardening base, three thin coats of Androgynie, and one gloopy coat from a bottle of Seche Vite that has seen better days. The first coat of this is streaky, but gets to opaque in three, though I'd ideally layer this over a black base. The glitter seemed to get overwhelmed by the base color, so maybe layering it thinly over something will help.
Orly Androgynie. Outdoors, natural light, no flash.
Orly Androgynie. Indoors, artificial light, no flash.

I was a little disappointed in this. In the bottle, this has the potential to be amazing. That blue-green flash you see off the glitter in the bottle? Yeah, awesome right? Sadly, that doesn't translate onto the nail. It's still pretty--the gold glitter has a dark cast to it which makes it unique to my collection. I like this polish, but I'm hoping I can find some way to make it look like it does in the bottle.. then it might be one of my favorite polishes of all time! I'll keep you posted with any breakthroughs!

Orly Androgynie. Outdoors, sunlight, no flash.

Orly Androgynie. Indoors, artificial light, no flash. Looks like time to thin out my Seche Vite. It's old and wrinkling the polish now. Sadface!

More soon!! ^_^

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