Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pure Ice - Gossip: The Only Polish I ever Thought I'd Need

Well, hello again. For my very first swatch post, I wanted to start with the only polish I ever thought I would need. You see, years ago, my polish vision was very narrow--I didn't know what I know now. I was rather picky about nail polish. I hated everything sheer, and I stuck to pinks and reds. I wasn't aware I could get my hands on any other brands besides OPI and whatever Wal-mart/Target had (heck, I didn't even know those other brands existed!). I didn't know I could find reviews and swatches online, so polish buying was always the luck of the draw unless I covertly swatched one nail in the store. I had a few OPI's that were 'acceptable' (which I should swatch soon, now that I think about it). Then I tried this:

Pure Ice - Gossip

Pure Ice Gossip. An opaque, medium pink creme. This polish met all of my past self's requirements--no need to look any further, right?  Oh how things have changed.

Indoors, no flash. It looks a little more berry-toned here than it actually is.

 The formula is very forgiving and I had absolutely no issues with application. This is two coats, no base coat, and New York Color's In a New York Minute Fast Dry Topcoat. I could have gotten away with one coat--it evens out beautifully, but I'm a habitual two-coater.

Indoors, no flash again. This is true to color.

 Putting this on again brought back a lot of memories. This was the polish that traveled Europe with me the summer after high school. It was what I was putting on in that picture taken at the cabin up North during a family vacation one spring. This was even the polish I was wearing when I met the man who is now my fiance. I still love this color--after I was done taking these photos, I didn't really want to take it off. But I pretty much lived in this color for a few years, my vision has broadened, and I've got other things to try!

I remember buying this at Wal-mart. I've seen Pure Ice available there recently, but I'm not sure if they still carry this color.

More soon! ^_^

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