Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stash Swatch Initiative: Black Cat Lacquer

Hello again!

Today I have a very special set of polishes to show you. I haven't been this excited for an order to get to me in awhile. Here are my picks from Black Cat Lacquer, an 'indie' seller:

Indoors, artificial light, no flash.
That's Let Them Eat Cake on the left--a mix of pastel hex glitter in pink, blue, and green with small white glitter and a sprinkling of tiny holographic glitter. We have Rainbow Brite on the right--a rainbow mix of matte hex glitter in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple with tiny holographic glitter as well.

These are layering polishes. Both have a clear base and the glitter application with one coat is sparse. No glitter bomb here, but I like that for these. It creates a cute sprinkled or dotted look on the nail. I chose to show this layered over a few different things. Application was easy, however, I did not apply this like regular polish. I swirled the brush in the bottle then used the neck of the bottle to bend the brush enough to trap the glitter on the top of the brush and allow extra base polish to drain back into the bottle. I then smooshed the glitter on the nail and carefully slid it around until I was satisfied. The glitter in these lays flat--no curling! However, I did see a few oddly shaped glitters in my bottle of Rainbow Brite, like they weren't cut correctly; I don't mind at all (there aren't enough of them for it to be an issue for me), but I thought I should point it out. Both these polishes add some fun and flair and uniqueness to a mani. I'm very glad I snagged these. All photos today were taken indoors under artificial light without flash.

First off, let's look at Let Them Eat Cake:

Pastel glitter is awesome!

I first tried this over OPI Skull & Glossbones:

Then over one of my favorites, China Glaze Sunset Sail:

And finally, over China Glaze Sweet Hook:

All of these were one careful coat of Let Them Eat Cake, using the method detailed above, and no topcoat. I think my favorite is over Skull & Glossbones. The colors seem to pop the best over the neutral base.

Rainbow Brite--Happiness bottled!

Next up is Rainbow Brite. I picked out a few of the neons from China Glaze's summer lineup. Once again, these are all one careful coat and no topcoat. Here it is over Splish Splash:

Then over China Glaze Love's A Beach:

And finally, over China Glaze Beach Cruise-r:

I am loving this over these neons. The neon collection was excellent to begin with, this just makes them better!

Black Cat Lacquer can be purchased from her Etsy page here: BlackCatLacquer. She has a good selection of awesome-looking glitters; I plan on getting a few more as my polish budget allows. Tune-in to her Facebook page for updates and news about restocks and new items. Shipping was super quick; I ordered this midweek and had my nail mail Saturday afternoon!

More soon! ^_^

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