Saturday, March 2, 2013

Haul: February!

Hello! Happy weekend!!

February was awesome!!! First, I had many coupons for Sally Beauty, so I came home with new stuff to try out! Barielle Cuticle Oil, Barielle Cuticle Cream, China Glaze Immortal (on clearance!), Gelous, a buffer block, moisturizer, and leave-in conditioner. Phew! I wasn't sure I'd like the cuticle remover/cream, but I have to say, I think it's helped. That pesky weirdness in the skin around my pointer finger is now much more manageable. The cuticle oil has only a light scent, which I prefer over the berry one I had been using from China Glaze. This one also seems to be more moisturizing.

Sally's Loot!
After that, a quick trip to Ulta to use up a Christmas giftcard saw me with Layla Ceramic Effect CE53 (flakies on clearance!), OPI Pirouette My Whistle, OPI The Impossible, OPI The Living Daylights, and Essence Space Queen. My lovely fiance was very good at hunting down polishes for me. The OPI display was a bit of a mess, so after finding The Impossible's labeled spot empty, I explained what it looked like and he found it tucked away amid a wall of polish! I had been on the hunt for The Living Daylights and a few of the Ballet Collection for awhile, so it was a good day.

Ulta Haul!
Next up, Valentine's Day. Instead of flowers, he let me pick out nail polish! Isn't he the best? Our JCPenney salon doesn't look like it sees much business, at least for nail polish purchases, so I lucked out. They were in the process of switching stock of OPI to make room for the new Euro Centrale collection. There were boxes and random rows of older polishes for me to peruse. I picked up pretty much everything from OPI I still wanted (and they were all $2 off!). I found The Impossible, Care to Danse?, Don't Touch My Tutu, and A Woman's Prague-ative.

Valentine's Day Gift!!
Lastly, I'd been drooling over a new to me indie brand, Rainbow Honey. I finally broke down and ordered. Since they were offering a free gift with $50 purchase, I, of course, bought enough to qualify. It's a pretty neat deal. They created two special polishes for Valentine's Day that aren't for sale--just for the offer. I picked up Siren Song, A Little Kindness, Sakura Matsuri Namesake, Pinkie Promise, The Worst Possible Thing, two cuticle balm sticks, and picked Dearly Beloved as my free gift. These just arrived, and I'm headed out on vacation, so swatching them will have to wait! Look for them to show up around here in April! I have been using the cuticle balms, and I LOVE them. "The Bubbly" has the best clean, citrus scent--I can't get enough of it. I will definitely be repurchasing that once I go through this stick.

Rainbow Honey Haul!
Since swatches will have to wait, here are a few closer bottle shots.

From left to right: Siren Song, A Little Kindness, Sakura Matsuri Namesake.

From left to right: Pinkie Promise, The Worst Possible Thing, Dearly Beloved.
My name is Nikki, and I am a polish addict. So, more soon!! ^_^

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