Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stash Swatch Initiative: Cult Nails Charlatan


This Cult Nails Charlatan.
Indoors, artificial light, no flash.
So, this is a super fun layering polish. It is loaded with duochrome flecks, which cause a different effect depending on what you layer it over. Over dark polish, Charlatan creates a pink to purple to blue duochrome shimmer.
Outdoors, sunlight, no flash.

I chose to show this over the Cult Nails Vicious swatch from last week. This is just one coat of Charlatan plus Seche Vite over the base purple of Vicious. It's so shimmery, it almost looks metallic to me.

Indoors, artificial light, no flash./
Charlatan completely transforms that creme polish into something else! I'm so excited about this because it's sort of like doubling your stash--what other looks can I create when I layer this over other polish?

Charlatan is a limited edition shade along with it's sisters in the Deceptive Collection. All of which are topcoats of this nature. I couldn't resist getting four of the five, so look for those swatches here in the future. In the meantime, check out Cult Nails here!

Indoors, artificial light, no flash.
More soon!! ^_^

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