Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crumpet's Laid-Back 31DC: Pink


Today's prompt for the Laid-Back 31 Day Challenge is "Pink"! I love me some pink polish! I started out with a base coat of Sinful Colors Nail Hardener, then layered on two coats of OPI Bubble Bath (a very light pink jelly), and topped that with one coat of Seche Vite. I stamped the "heart spirograph" design (Remember that toy? Anyone else know what I'm talking about? This stamping image reminded me of that, anyway...)  from Bundle Monster plate BM-317 with Pure Ice Crimson. I finished it off with a coat of NYC's In A New York Minute.

Indoors, artificial light, with flash.
I tested out quite a few different stamping polishes on paper first. The outlined heart shapes in this image are very fine, and not all of the polishes I tried to use picked them up well. Thicker stamping polishes were a no go, so I settled on Pure Ice Crimson, which is a pigmented metallic red with normal polish consistency. Happily, this appears pink once used to stamp with, but in the bottle it is definitely red. The image didn't transfer cleanly every time, but I was pleased with this result. I only wish I had thought to rotate the image before stamping to create a little more variety in the pattern. Lesson learned here: Test out stamping polishes before using them on your carefully applied and dried mani -- You'll learn which one is most likely to give you the best result with the image you want to use.

Indoors, artificial light, no flash.
This was the final mani of the weekend, and what I chose to wear this week. I had an epic swatch session spanning two days, which I think accounts for the crazy wrinkled fingers. Lol -- off to moisturize!

More soon! ^_^