Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stash Swatch Initiative: Orly Au Champagne


Orly Au Champagne. Indoors, artificial light, no flash.
Today's polish is from Orly's 2011 Holiday Collection, Holiday Soiree. I remember having just gotten into nail polish before this collection was announced, and this one I wanted so much. I failed to find it at Sally's during the holidays, so I waited until just recently to pick it up from Head2Toe Beauty.

Orly Au Champagne. Indoors, artificial light, no flash.
This is Au Champagne, a gorgeous, glistening white. This lovely polish is now my go-to white polish. It is packed with white, pearly shimmer that creates a freshly fallen snow look. At a distance, it's a gentle, clean white. Up close, the shimmer appears pearly and opalescent. I can see opalescent shimmers in a few colors, which reminds me of a white, tri-coat vehicle paint. I love it!

Orly Au Champagne. Outdoors, sunlight, no flash.
Swatches today are a base coat of Seche Clear, two coats of Au Champagne, and one coat of NYC In a New York Minute. This polish has a fantastic formula. It is nicely pigmented, or so packed with shimmer, that two coats provides good coverage. I bet this would make a great base for milky glitters!

Orly Au Champagne. Indoors, artificial light, no flash.
More soon! ^_^


  1. Pretty. I think I have this one in my untrieds!

    1. I'm glad you have a bottle for your own -- it's now my favorite white polish! ^_^