Friday, July 19, 2013

NOTW: Searing Pink Skittles

Hello and happy Friday!

Indoors, artificial light, with flash.
I did a simple skittle mani using yesterday's China Glaze Pool Party swatch for my base color. I didn't want to cover up much of the crazy brightness, so I only added a few touches of black. I stamped the star from Bundle Monster plate, BM-05 in Konad Special Polish Black onto my ring finger and thumb and topped that with a quick coat of NYC In a New York Minute. I then added a few star chits from a nail art wheel to my middle finger, securing those with the NYC topcoat as well. I love the deep contrast between the searing neon and the black.

Enjoy the weekend! More soon! ^_^


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    1. Thanks! I'm still wearing this one... it's soooo bright -- I love it! ^_^