Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stash Swatch Initiative: Nail Pattern Boldness Boop-Oop-A-Dupe

[Oops! Never hit "publish"! Here is yesterday's post a day late!]


I have another indie polish great for layering today. This is Nail Pattern Boldness Boop-Oop-A-Dupe!

Nail Pattern Boldness Boop-Oop-A-Dupe. Indoors, artificial light, no flash.
Boop-Oop-A-Dupe is a magical layering polish packed with shimmer. The base is slightly tinted red. It's hard for me to tell, but I'd say the shimmer is red with a slight duochrome lean towards gold.

Nail Pattern Boldness Boop-Oop-A-Dupe. Indoors, artificial light, with flash.
Swatches today are a layering of Boop-Oop-A-Dupe over yesterday's Brash Denim Doll swatch. I've used two coats of Boop-Oop-A-Dupe over all but my ring finger, which I left alone for comparison. I added one coat of NYC In a New York Minute to all but my ring finger as well. Formula is fantastic -- no issues at all.

Nail Pattern Boldness Boop-Oop-A-Dupe. Outdoors, natural light, no flash.
Over blue, the red tinted base turns the overall look purple. I've also shown this over red in this post, here. It is equally as gorgeous there, but it gives a much different appearance. It's more subtle over red and the warm gold shift positively glows off the red. With the blue polish, the shimmer makes a gorgeous contrast of colors.

I bought my bottle from llarowe.

More soon! ^_^