Saturday, May 4, 2013

Haul: April!


It's already time for another monthly haul post. Where is this year going?

Tarte Favorites: finishing powder and blush.
I held off on this first purchase for awhile, but in the end, I couldn't resist Tarte's 20% off birthday offer plus freebies. I repurchased the two items I like most out of all the Tarte products I have tried: the Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder and the Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Glisten. The finishing powder is packaged extra pretty right now because it's part of a limited edition line. I love that aqua and red combination! It's the same as the usual product, but I couldn't resist getting the pretty one. :)

Tarte freebies: Maracuja Sample and deluxe eye shadow primer.
The birthday freebie this year is a deluxe sample of the Maracuja oil. I'm mostly a make-up newbie, so I'm not sure what this is for or if I'll even use it. Last year's was a lip gloss, so this was a bit of a disappointment. I also picked the Smooth Operator eye shadow primer as my free sample. We'll see if it compares to my much-loved Urban Decay Primer Potion. I have hope because it is part of the Amazonian Clay line, which I've had great success using.

Pretty & Polished: House of Heroes and Peebles
A small Pretty & Polished order came next. Peebles was the last P&P on my wishlist, so when they brought it back, I had to get it. I picked up House of Heroes, too... you know.. to make the shipping cost hurt less... yeah. Addict.

Pretty & Polished: House of Heroes and Peebles.
I've already worn Peebles. It's a bright pink jelly base packed with yellow and pink glitters. House of Heroes looks like a fun mix of pastel hexes, rectangles, and shiny brown glitter in a shimmery sheer green base.

Surprise Wal-Mart find! Duri Rejuvacote
That was really all I intended to purchase last month, but I got lucky in a few random stores. Lately, my nails have been peeling pretty bad, so I wanted to try a nourishing base coat. I've read other bloggers' love of Duri Rejuvacote, but no one ever mentioned where they bought it from or even what it looked like. So, there it is! It comes in that blue box, so if you're out looking for this 'mysterious' wonder product, now you have a reference!!

I found it first online at Amazon, but had decided to just pick up Essie Feed Me since I had to make a trip to the crazy-crowded, local Wal-Mart to refill a prescription. I didn't find the Essie at Wal-Mart (sold out), but they had the Rejuvacote!!! Has anyone else noticed that Wal-Mart has really picked up their polish game? Or is it just my Wal-Mart? Maybe mine has a polish addict in charge of ordering product? They had the Rejuvacote, plus a few other base coat options, and even had nail art supplies. I saw nail art brushes, cheap copycat versions of the Ciate Caviar mani sets, tons of nail wraps, and a wall of polish. Color me happily surprised!

JulieG Frosted Gumdrops: Rock Candy and Crushed Candy.
Just a few days ago, I ran into a Rite-Aid just to see if that one carried the JulieG polishes. My store does! And the Frosted Gumdrops display was freshly stocked. Now, I'm waiting for Zoya to update the Share the Love Points program rewards. Thanks to all you polish lovers out there who used my link (in the sidebar) to create an account, I have a TON of reward points to use. Unfortunately, Zoya started ignoring that program before my points were rewarded, so I'm sitting on a bunch of them. The customer service representative that responded to my inquiry about the program said they were determining what direction to take with it and to not expect an update until late June. I'm not going to order from them until I can use up those points, so I as much as I want to wear their textured PixieDust line (and oh my does the summer collection look fabulous!), I wait. And try other textured polishes instead! I grabbed two that looked to be different colors than those in the Zoya sets I intend to buy -- Rock Candy (already swatched here!) and Crushed Candy. I'm lemming an orange textured polish, which the Julie G line has, but I must hold out for those Zoyas! >.<

Did you make any fun purchases in April?

Happy May! More soon! ^_^

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