Sunday, January 6, 2013

Haul: November!

[I had this post 85% done with plans for it to be ready to go for 11/30, but that didn't happen. Here it is anyway!]

Hello hello!

I thought I'd start doing a monthly wrap up of my beauty buys. I've tried and failed at doing no-buys already, but I've settled into a "low-buy" routine that I can keep to. The self-imposed rules are: two polish purchases a month, not to exceed six bottles total, but restrained/minor drugstore purchases do not count towards the limit.

My first purchase of November was Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily. I cannot tell you how hard I was lemming this polish. This was the polish that made me pay attention to Rescue Beauty Lounge. They are expensive, yes, but this polish... oh my wow! And my order included one of those reusable shopping bags!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Loot.
The second purchase was from Trelly's Misc. After seeing all of the Polish Hoochie's swatches and reading her raving about this indie brand, I couldn't NOT order. I picked up Cauldron Bubble, I Fake Rocked Your World, and the limited edition, Witches in the Sky back when she was still selling through Big Cartel. She's switched over to Etsy now, take a look!

Trelly's Misc Haul

As you've already seen, I gave Essie a second chance using my CVS Reward coupons--can't say no to nearly free polish! I picked up As Gold As It Gets, Nothing Else Metals, Blue Rhapsody, and Sand Tropez.

Essie Haul
I had one really lucky trip to Ulta, too. I found lemming paydirt! My only intent that particular trip was to check out the Essence display to find a back-up of Grey't To Be Here, hunt for Blue Addicted, and snag the eye shadow palette (I picked up the other one like this awhile ago and for $4.50, LOVE it!). I did not find either of the Essence polishes I was after, but I did come across the Breaking Dawn II display. It was stuffed down at the bottom of an end cap away from the normal display, so I don't think anyone else had noticed it yet--it was still full! I grabbed the one I wanted from that release (Jacob's Protection), totally shocked I even found the display, let alone it full!

Ulta Loot!
Next bit of good luck was the mini Vintage Minnie Mouse collection from OPI. They had four on the shelf, two of which disappeared into other peoples' hands as I walked towards them! I chipped a nail grabbing the second to last one lol! I LOVE The Color of Minnie--anyone know of a dupe for that one? I'm still trying to hunt up a full size bottle.

Last, but certainly not least, China Glaze For Audrey. This polish I have wanted since I first discovered this nail polish world. It'd been sold out everywhere I'd ever looked for it. My hopes of getting this were abandoned. Imagine my surprise when the China Glaze display at Ulta was totally full, and had THREE full rows of this beauty! I gushed over it to my fiance and did a little happy dance! Someone must have found some stock hanging out somewhere! Lucky day!

So, for a low-buy, that's not too bad... imagine what it'd be like if I didn't have budget restrictions.... Oofda.

More soon! ^_^

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