Saturday, August 9, 2014

Copycat NOTW: Sherbert Rainbows!


We're still playing a little bit of catch-up because this is what I wore a week ago! I saw Cris from Let Them Have Polish do a tutorial on this look, and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. I had to try it right away! Check out her tutorial -- it's awesome!

Indoors, artificial light, no flash.

So, I started with my two base coat combination of Duri Rejuvacote and Sinful Colors Nail Hardener. For my rainbows, I used all China Glaze: Flip Flop Fantasy, Sun Worshipper, Sun-kissed, Be More Pacific, Caribbean Blue, and Sweet Hook. They worked out so nicely together! Like in the tutorial, I topped my rainbows with more rainbows, INM Northern Lights!

Indoors, natural light, no flash.

This looked SO good on. It's a very impressive, but easy, bit of nail art, and random people kept saying how awesome it was. I don't know how many times I was asked to explain how I did it.

Good job, LTHP!! Thanks for the inspiration! More soon! ^_^


  1. Wow! Those are great! I really love the colors. It does look like a rainbow.

    1. Thank you! I absolutely loved this man! And it was super easy! ^_^