Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jamberry Thoughts

Hello again!

I've been a bit quiet here lately, which was partly due to my poor planning. I wanted to wear-test my Jamberry sample from this post, but I didn't think to swatch up enough polishes to post while I did so. Once I finally took that off, it was in the middle of the week, and I was too busy for swatching. Onward with the swatches next week, but for now here are some of my thoughts on Jamberry nail wraps.

I think these are a fun way to do a long-lasting mani in a hurry, but they're kind of expensive. Each packet is $15, and they offer a lot of very basic looks. I made sure to pick out very complicated art styles that I wouldn't be able to recreate using nail polish myself. I love how shiny these are on their own - they look like topcoated polish, as far as shine goes. I didn't put anything over mine, and they stayed shiny the entire time I had them on my nails.

Day 8. Indoors, artificial light, no flash.

I took this picture on Day 8. The wrap still looks pretty good, as does the polish. What you can't see well in the photo is that the polish was starting to crack and was about to chip, but eight days was really great wear on that too. I had mine on for well over a week, so they'll be great for my next vacation. I'm curious to know how they'd hold up on a beach vacation where they'll be in water a lot of the time.

I definitely feel like I need to make these last, so I will probably use them as accent nails, reserving an entire mani's worth for a special occasion. Overall, it's a nice system if they're your thing, but if you have a lot of polish and a little nail art skill, I think they're only a novelty at best and a waste at worst.

More soon! ^_^

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