Friday, November 15, 2013

NOTW: Fall French

Hello and happy Friday!

Here's what I ended up wearing this week:

Cell phone picture (my new HTC One!). Indoors, artificial/harsh office lighting, no flash.
That's a base coat of Jessica Pumpkin Delight with tips done in Orly Luxe. Interestingly, I used a paper hole reinforcer ring as a guide for the tip of my pointer finger, actual french tip guides for the middle and ring fingers, and freehanded the tip for my pinkie. I think I prefer freehanded... I couldn't center the round stickers perfectly (which drove me crazy looking at it the unevenness on my pointer all week), and the tip guides can be too straight and can cause imperfections if not seated properly. I've gotten pretty good and steady at the freehand technique over the years! ^_^

I didn't even photograph this like I normally would. I snagged this picture at work midweek, and it was intended to be an 'in progress' picture. I had really wanted to add some stamping to this to up the autumnal factor, but I don't know where the time went. Here it is already Friday and the tipwear and growth are to the point where I need a new mani! Oh well, off to swatching! Maybe simple is better anyway?

More soon! ^_^

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