Monday, December 10, 2012

Well, that was unexpected...

Why hello there! Been awhile... my apologies for that. Life got in the way. On the day of my last post, my heart decided to go crazy and landed me in the hospital for a few days. Good news is: I'm really quite healthy, and there is no apparent cause for the rapid heartbeat. Medication regulates it, but I'm also seeing a cardiologist to see if we can get it to resolve completely and go back to normal. That, and with the holidays coming up, hasn't left me much time to paint my nails, which is a bummer because I had a month's worth of new and holiday polishes to swatch and a few fun holiday inspired mani's in the works. At any rate, I'll be back to post as often as I can in the next few weeks and am planning to resume our regularly scheduled program here by January 1st at the latest. Thanks for your patience!

More soon-ish!! ^_^